29 Mar

Well. Today is our school saringan for Sports Day. Yeah. I did take part.. I have join 100m race.. haha.. JOKING LA.. I’m just a St John member who carries out duty when people went down injured. Yeah. I miss both days for Sukan Tara as a result of my dengue fever that made me stay out for school for 4days. Nevertheless, today I did my job. AT LAST! HAHA!

There aren’t many cases to treat, no serious case had happened eventually.. HEHE! I’m pretty much satisfied with my performance today. Just that I have used wasted too long time to treat one casualty. This year Saringan the most common injuries that we have to treat are as usual, muscle cramp and because we are using track instead of fields and students insist upon running with bare foot, most of their legs injured. The skin came off etc etc…

Didn’t take much photos.. In fact I didn’t manage to take one photo of today’s event. HAIZ. Fail la me. Well. Today I can conclude that today’s saringan has carried out quite successfully. Just that students are wasting time and as usual teachers had taken a lot of time to calculate and analyse the races… This caused the 4x100m event has canceled off and it would be 8teams competing in the finals. WOW!!

Looking forwards to Sports Day 2011. Hope there aren’t many casualties that day.. if not… HAIZ..

Don’t blame other people when it is your fault


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