17 Apr

Sorry if I have not been update this bog lately. Been busy with my school work. Too many works flooding in a time. Really stress out. I did not even have the chance to on my computer for 2-3 weeks. What a miracle for me!! This isn’t the usual me. Whatever.

Let’s talk about my life in school. Well, SPM year. All the teachers give is homework, homework and homework. I even wonder has my life in school becomes only the world full of homework? Well, I must really thank to my friend, for helping me out in homework. I am weak in completing so many homework. Thank to them.. Seriously.

Friends. How dearly important are they in our life. Without them in life, I guess my life would have been a mess. Seriously. Friends are like jewelry. The more you get the richer you will get. They sparkle in your life. They rock your life. They inspire your life. They would offer an alternative for you when you have difficulties. TRUE FRIENDS WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE. Well, who said different sex could not be best friends? I’ve best friends who are girls too!

Note to self: Never let your friend down

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