21 Apr

wow. For the 1st time i am actually using my phone to update my post. Hehe. Well, what to say about today?

Basically today is quite fun in school. I’ve been using camera to take some snap shots of my friends who are sleeping in class. Well, it eventually quite fun and it also prevents me from falling asleep. What a task i have.. XD. Too bad i’m usimg phone now, if not i can upload some interesting photos in class to share with all the readers.

WordPress, i’m still trying hard to fully understand how it works by myself without anyone helping me to edit my blog. I wish to edit my own blog myself since it is mine and only should be only fully controlled by me. Hopefully i can fully understand and make this wordpress be more exciting and interesting.

Been feeling tired lately. Dunno why. Maybe i have too much work? Or maybe i did not get enough sleep? Or maybe i could not cope with stress. Argh! I’m still not sure. But then got one thing i’m positive about it- that is i fail to do all my work. I think i’m really a bad example. Also, i get upset or disappointed on something. Haiz.

Anyway. I think i should have stopped here. Updating blog using phone isn’t a good idea. Fingers tired after typing those words. Okay then. Time for my homework le. Bye~

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