IT marks

30 May

haiz.. disappointing.. really.. upset..

got back our IT marks.. guess what? I cant even get an A after adding the project marks. My 1st B in midterm exam. That’s cool huh? HAHA! No improvement..What a disappointment for me. =( Learnt nothing. Haiz. WordPress.. Are you so hard to learn? I have used you to post so many things and in exams you really disappoint me.. Haiz.. What to do.. =(

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One response to “IT marks

  1. mickey

    June 8, 2011 at 12:02 PM

    Don’t be too sad… IT is not that important… somemore, results are not everything too.. yet knowledge is wit you always… I saw your effort … With your effort in doing everything you’ll get sth unexpectedly back to you, so much more than only numbers in your result slip. Be happy, ok


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