IT marks

haiz.. disappointing.. really.. upset..

got back our IT marks.. guess what? I cant even get an A after adding the project marks. My 1st B in midterm exam. That’s cool huh? HAHA! No improvement..What a disappointment for me. =( Learnt nothing. Haiz. WordPress.. Are you so hard to learn? I have used you to post so many things and in exams you really disappoint me.. Haiz.. What to do.. =(

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Happy Mothers’ Day


Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers in the world! Best wishes from me to all of you. Hope you have a great day with your children in this lovely wonderful Sunday. =)

Happy Mothers’ Day to my mum too. ='(. Again. I can’t celebrate Mothers’ Day with you. No matter what, yea, I will be wishing you here. Hope you can receive my greets from the another world. XD, And to my grandma, yea, you are not celebrating it alone. My mum is with you. So Happy Mothers’ Day to you too! XD

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exam period nw. Gotta work hard! Study hard! Get the best result.. Hehe…

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Taylor has been nominated for three 2011 CMT Music Awards, including the evening’s top award: Video of The Year! She is also nominated for Female Video of the Year (for “Mine”) and Best Web Video of the Year (for “Mine” – live from the Speak Now album release party).

The CMT Music Awards will take place in Nashville on June 8.

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Smile =)

smile =)

Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it.  ~Unknown

A simple smile can change the whole world. Smile is a kind of manners. People would feel more comfortable when doing their works if everyone were just to have the smile on their faces. Smile is a simple language and everyone smile in the same language.

Why don’t just start off your day with a smile, see how good fortune will fall on you. =)

Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.  ~Mother Teresa

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Sad news

Yeah. Received a shock news today before going to tuition. My grandma had passed away. ='(. Stunned when heard that news. No tears but I really don’t have the mood to study or do what ever thing.

Yea. She passed away. What can I do? It makes me remember that day my mum passed away too. Not heartbreak. Just that the world are not in our control. God has made his own decision whether the person’s lifespan. Just like my mum, a nice person you would ever find, who will ever imagine she will have the tumour in her brain that lead to her death? ><! ='(

Anyway, what can I do now, is to wish her. “Go and have a happy life in another world. We will take care ourselves. NO WORRIES! Find ah gong and mum. You won’t be alone”

My last photo with my grandma

Grandma and Us

God Bless~

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下一站 幸福

下一站 幸福



这部偶像剧的主题曲和插曲都很搭配剧情。。。真的再也找不到任何比这些曲来得更好,尤其是插曲,《我以为》,更说出了拓也对慕橙的心声。“我的以为 只是我以为“。。


插曲:亲人 (感动><)



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